We’ve been on a break since October due to reorganization in the company and we figured the 3rd anniversary of the operation under the brand name BGs is the best day to return.

There have been some changes. For now, we decided to keep away from dealing with end customers directly, but you will be able to buy our product from our retailers.

Our main distributor is Polenar Tactical store. They offer every single product we have available. For our relaunch, we are also preparing some super deals four you guys, which will start next week so stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter.

We also collaborate with other great people in the Slovenian shooting community.

Lynx Pro shop exclusively offers Lynx line of Kydex products, which were developed in collaboration with their instructors for the need of Lynx Pro training center. They also offer a large variety of our other products.

For all of you Arex fans, Arex Defense Store offers most of our Zero 1 and Delta holster models.

Those of you who are more in competition shooting and PCCs, Cesar Shop has you covered.