Non-light bearing Kane holsters for Glock

Minimalistic holsters packed with features… Now introducing non-light bearing Kane holsters for Glock.
The model came as a result of collaboration with Perunika Tactical on a special project for underwater military specialists of the Slovenian Armed Forces 🇸🇮
The end product were level 2 duty holsters featuring a hood with spring-assisted opening mechanism made for Glock 45 MOS. Holsters are compatible with slide-mounted optics, suppressor height sights and barrel extensions. They also feature special soft lining inside, which protects the surface finish of the pistol, yet does not soak up or retain water, which could prevent the pistol from being drawn.

The platform design allows full range of motion. Ride height is fully adjustable and the holster and the platform itself is quickly detachable so the operator can quickly adjust his gear according to the mission. The belt loop of the platform is also designed so it be easily, yet securely attached do the diver’s belt.

BGs Kane holsters were issued NATO Stock Number NSN 1095-42-000-3253

Non-light bearing Glock holsters are available in G19 and G17 slide-length cut with or without the special soft lining on the inside.

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