BGs Malin holster

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Malin is the oldest and the wisest of the three Gnomes. In everyday life, you recognize him by his baseball cap of his favorite gun manufacturer and by his khaki cargo pants. Adaptability and versatility are among his main characteristics, he is good at almost everything he does, and people often call him jack of all trades. He’s a skilled shooter who knows how to handle almost every weapon platform. “Low drag, high speed” is Malin’s motto. He has a passion for competition shooting, but also loves everything tacticool. Sometimes his LARP game is so strong that people aren’t sure if he’s a true professional or if he is just very good at playing dress up.


Versatile DESIGN

Battle Gnome Solutions Malin is an outside the waistband passive retention holster, precision made by vauum forming 2 mm Kydex T on a CNC machined mold.

Like their creator, Malin holsters are very versatile and are designed to be compatible with:


  • suppressor height sights
  • slide mounted optics
  • barrel extensions

For optimal draw and security, the retention is adjustable with two screws on the front of the holster.

Malin line of holsters covers a large selection of different pistol platforms and includes light bearing and non-light bearing options.

Holsters feature a universal mounting hole pattern, which will fit most of the popular belt attachments on the market, such as those produced by Blackhawk, Safariland, G-Code, Bladetech etc. 

Choose from 4 color options

You can choose from the following color options bellow:

  • Black
  • Flat Dark Earth
  • Coyote Brown
  • Olive Drap