Arex Alpha Malin holsters

Are you a fan of the Arex Defense pistols? We’ve been offering a large selection of Zero 1 holsters from the very beginning and we keep expanding our offer for the Delta. But we now have a model for each pistol in the Arex lineup. Now introducing Malin holsters for the Alpha. Already available at Arex Defense store.

Non-light bearing Kane holsters for Glock

Minimalistic holsters packed with features… Now introducing non-light bearing Kane holsters for Glock. The model came as a result of collaboration with Perunika Tactical on a special project for underwater military specialists of the Slovenian Armed Forces The end product were level 2 duty holsters featuring a hood with spring-assisted opening mechanism made for Glock 45 MOS. Holsters are compatible…

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Battle Gnome is back! He’s a bit different than he was and he brought company!

Meet Malin, Kane and Renny.

You might’ve heard their names, but you haven’t seen their faces or heard their stories.

Click on the images bellow to find out more about them.

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Little Warrior
(Old English)


Little Battler


Small but mighty

BGs level 2 holster review

Professionally made level 2 holster – BGs Kane – using vacuum formed 2mm kydex. Thanks to advanced 3D modeling and precision made molds, this holster can perfectly fit Rex Zero 1 Standard, Compact and Tactical with mounted X300 flashlight or similar. View the review video bellow:

BGs Kydex Holsters

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