BGs Kane Holster

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Kane is a special breed of Gnome. He is a loudmouth with a dark sense of humor and no filter, who says exactly what comes to his mind. Although his behavior and tough exterior might give a different first impression, he is a kind and good-hearted Gnome. Kane operates well under pressure, is very stubborn and will do almost anything it takes to reach his goals. Nobody is exactly sure where he serves, but Kane is a skilled operator who loves what he does and a true professional. Whatever you do, never start talking to him before he has his morning coffee and if you really want to be on his good side, always carry a pack of snus in your pocket.


Fast and versatile level 2 holster

Battle Gnome Solutions Kane is a Level 2 retention holster with a hood that features spring assisted opening.

Kane holsters are designed to be compatible with:

  • suppressor height sights
  • most slide mounted optics
  • barrel extensions

For optimal draw and security, the passive retention is adjustable with two screws on the front of the holster.

To help protect the surface finish on your pistol, Kane models are also available with optional soft lining inside the holster.

Holsters feature a universal mounting hole pattern, which will fit most of the popular belt attachments on the market, such as those produced by Blackhawk, Safariland, G-Code, Blade-Tech etc.

Choose from 4 color options

You can choose from the following color options bellow:

  • Black
  • Flat Dark Earth
  • Coyote Brown
  • Olive Drap