Renny and Malin holsters for Arex Delta + Olight BALDR S

Arex Delta M + Olight BALDR S is a very capable combination in a very compact form. If you’re looking for a Kydex holster, BGs now has you covered with the inside the waistband Renny holsters and also with the outside the waistband Malin holsters. Holsters are primarily designed to work with the Olight BALDR S weapon light, but will…

Arex Alpha Malin holsters

Are you a fan of the Arex Defense pistols? We’ve been offering a large selection of Zero 1 holsters from the very beginning and we keep expanding our offer for the Delta. But we now have a model for each pistol in the Arex lineup. Now introducing Malin holsters for the Alpha. Already available at Arex Defense store.