New IWB Renny for Desert Eagle

Does your EDC just not cut it? We all know the 9mm basically doesn’t have any stopping power, but what if the .45 isn’t enough either? Well we’ve got the solution for you!

Carry your favorite .50 AE hand cannon anywhere you go! BGs now offers IWB Renny holsters for Desert Eagle. Conceals great, very practical to carry. Holster available at Polenar Tactical store.

We even filmed promotional video for it. You can watch it on Polenar Tactical Youtube chanel


  • Levi Harris
    Posted 29/06/2022 02:15

    I tried to order the Desert Eagle own holster. The website it would not accept my card. I use a prepaid Visa to avoid having my actual bank account possibly compromised. I have had that issue before from online purchases. Is there any way I can make this purchase?

    • Nejc
      Posted 29/06/2022 08:03

      Hey Levi, thanks for letting us know. We will forward the description of your issues to Polenar Tactical, but please if you can also contact them directly so you can sort out the purchase: [email protected].

      • Levi Harris
        Posted 04/08/2022 04:32

        When are they going to be available again? Also, does backorder take the money now or when they come back in stock?

  • Austin Pope
    Posted 18/07/2022 01:32

    I received my iwb holster for desert eagle and the plastic that is holding the retention screws is used for what. It seems the plastic extends upward

    • Nejc
      Posted 20/07/2022 13:35

      Hey, the attached wing is used for appendix carry – when the belt is tightened, the wing will help push the pistol’s grip against your body and it will print less.

  • Dan Turner
    Posted 12/12/2022 02:40

    Wait this is for real? I thought the ad was a spoof cause iwb carry of a .50 Desert Eagle seems inconcievable.

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