Tokarev (Tula TT-33 / Zastava M57) Malin holsters and single stack mag carriers

Just not happy with the penetrating capability of your vanilla 9 mm round? Always wanted to carry a Tokarev instead, but just couldn’t find a proper holster for this 7.62 mm stinger? Battle Gnome Solutions and Polenar Tactical has you covered!

BGs is now introducing Malin holsters for Tokarev – modern holsters for a legendary pistol. These Kydex holsters will fit Soviet (Tula TT-33) and Yugo (Zastava M57) versions of the pistol. Holsters are modular and are compatible with most standard attachments on the market. Simultaneously we are also introducing Single Stack mag carriers that will fit both Tokarev and 1911 magazines.

Tokarev holsters and mag carriers are exclusively available at Polenar Tactical Store!

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