Holosun P.ID / P.ID Plus Malin holsters for Canik pistols

BGs is offering passive retention Malin holsters for most striker-fired Canik pistols to support the entire family of P.ID lights. Holsters will fit the standard sized Holosun P.ID / P.ID HC and also the larger P.ID Plus / P.ID Dual weapon lights and have been tested in combination with Canik TP9 Elite, Canik Mete SFx and Canik SFx Rival / Rival-S.

Holsters are compatible with slide mounted optics, suppressor height sights, barrel extensions and will work with most standard belt attachment on the market due to the modular design.

You can get the weapon lights along with our passive retention Malin Canik P.ID holsters from Aawee or you can check Polenar tactical shop.

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