HK VP9 / SFP9 IWB Renny holsters and Minimalist Renny holsters

BGs is now introducing Inside the Waistband Renny Kydex holsters for Heckler & Koch VP9 / SFP9 variants with 104 mm / 4.1” barrel length and for extended VP9L / SFP9 L variants with 127 mm / 5” barrel length. Standard Renny holsters are available with a single IWB FOMI clip or double tuckable hook for increased stability. Holsters can be made with standard Kydex or with a special soft lining outside for increased comfort of your EDC.

Along our classic Renny holsters we are also introducing a completely new holster concept for us: Minimalist Inside the Waistband Renny holsters without any excessive material – the holster only covers the trigger guard area and uses a single tuckable hook to attach to your belt.

Both variants include an appendix carry wing, which will push the pistol grip tighter into your body, resulting in less printing.

Standard Renny for HK VP9 / SFP9 are already available at Polenar Tactical Shop and you can order Minimalist Renny holster exclusively at ATG Kriminaltechnik.

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