Desert Eagle Malin holsters and Mag Carriers

Do you feel like your favorite .50 AE hand cannon is useless, because you can’t find any good holsters for it? Battle Gnome now has a Solution for you! Introducing Outside the Waistband Kydex holsters and magazine carriers for the Desert Eagle!


These heavy duty Malin holsters are made from two Kydex layers totaling in 3mm thickness*. Holsters have a special soft lining inside, which helps protect the surface finish of the pistol and they will fit both railed and the non-railed version of the Desert Eagle. Just like all BGs Malin holsters, they are modular and compatible with most standard attachments available on the market. Exclusively available at Polenar Tactical Shop.

*Black color option is made from a single 3mm sheet  



  • Mike DuBois
    Posted 09/01/2022 18:24

    This is awesome!!
    I have the 10” barrels for each caliber on the Desert Eagle. Is the bottom of the holster open? Would it allow the longer barrel to protrude and completely sit in the holster?

    • Nejc
      Posted 15/01/2022 11:20

      hi, yes the bottom of the holster is open so it will fit longer barrels!

  • Eric Waugh
    Posted 19/01/2022 02:20

    How do I buy this

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