Olight BALDR Malin and Kane holsters for Glock

Always wanted to rock the Olight’s white-light & laser combo on your pistol, but couldn’t find any good level 2 or even passive retention holsters for them?

BGs is now introducing Kane and Malin holsters for Glock with the Olight BALDR. These are most versatile holsters we ever produced. Along with the Olight BALDR they were designed for, they will also fit the Olight’s PL-2 and PL-PRO models. And of course even Arex Delta will fit, like in most of our light-bearing Glock holsters.

BGs Malin and Kane holsters are already available for purchase at Polenar Tactical shop.


  • Mark Scoble
    Posted 26/09/2022 19:10

    I live in the US and was hoping that you could guide me to a resource where I could get a holster for Glock 19 and 17 with Olight BALDR S …

  • Chris Williams
    Posted 09/06/2023 17:24

    Do you make left handed versions of your holsters

    • Nejc
      Posted 04/08/2023 07:42

      Unfortunately only right-handed version of this model is currently available

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